It is essential to food safety compliance that food safety inspections are conducted diligently and reports made available to all stakeholders in shortest possible time with quick response provision if needs to be taken. Food businesses have a legal and moral obligation to ensure they are not contributing to the statistics of food borne illness and at the same time the Food safety team must be equipped well to address to such issues.

Appropriate and timely control measures can only be taken if the nature of contaminant and/ or status of food is available in right time.

Basic objectives of the FoSCoRIS Application are:

Provision for initiation of Class I or Class II Food recall at any point of time.

Inspection & Sampling

Food inspectors can use hand held mobile device to land on the live server system. This web based application system can be logged in by using the user id and password. During the inspection, samples can also be picked and noted.

Evidence and traceability follows based on the Unique ID generated for the said sample.

Manual Sampling Guidelines

Consolidated Inspection Cheklists

FoSCoRIS Scheme

This Platform saves a lot of time and Increases effectiveness and efficiency of DO’s and FSO’s. It helps elimination of any discrepancy. FoSCoRIS is a technology based inspection develops interest among food inspectors.

The FSSAI and State Commissioners can monitor every inspection on real time basis and afterwards as well.

Food Safety Compliance with Regular Inspection and Sampling

FoSCoRIS was developed keeping in mind the requirement of a platform to conduct inspections across the country. Reduce the time taken in the process of inspection and subsequent report generation.

It is the first step of an online platform. It is used to verify the credentials.

A DO or an FSO can log in from the landing page having verified the credentials. There is state wise login of F.S.O and DO using User Id and Password.

The list of planned inspections the FSO needs to identify the pending inspections. The license no of the FBO is in blue color which is an active link. All the blue color active links are pending inspections. An FSO can click on the link. This will guide the FSO to the inspections section.

Profile for an FSO or DO includes
Email id
Mobile No.
State and District

Yes, one can speak his/her observation if he/she is not comfortable in writing the non conformance and comments.

Yes, you can use speech to text engine for noting down your observations.

Yes, it can be edited either by erasing the observation and speaking it again or by writing it.

Yes, when you click on verify yourself the camera app will get active. You may choose the front camera and click a selfie of yours. This goes into the FoSCoRIS records.

The lower the better. A lower resolution would be a good option.

Yes, one can edit the result of any parameter of any submitted section but only during the inspection before the final submission of the inspection.

Yes, It can be done on offline mode.

Yes, report can be submitted on offline mode.

No, submission of the section cannot be done by leaving any parameter.

One can only view the report along with the date, time ,location and report Id however no editing can be done while viewing the report.

No, photo is necessary for confirming the credentials.

Yes, you may start filling sections randomly but you cant skip any section or sub-section.

F.B.O license number
F.B.O category,
Name and Address
Name of Representative

F.S.O, DO, Commissioner and FSSAI can view the submitted report.

No, there is no time limit for the overall inspection.

No, there is no time limit for submitting individual sections.

Yes, one can call on toll-free number.

Rights as FSO:
Start inspection
Viewing report
Editing (after token generation)

Rights as DO:
Viewing Inspection Reports
Plan Inspection
Issuing Warning Notices
Issuing Token

Rights as commissioner:
Viewing Inspection Reports
Issuing warning notice

Yes, you are visible on all the charts with dynamic location update.

Yes, your movement can be traced.

Yes, you may pick up samples during inspection.

Samples can be picked up by registering them in their category by mentioning the sample name, time and picture. You need to follow the prescribed format.

Yes, one needs to keep their location / GPS active during inspection.

The inspection can be rescheduled after giving justified explanation.

An Inspection can be rescheduled as many times.

DO (Designated Officer) can reschedule the inspection.

NO, FSO cant schedule an inspection. Inspection Scheduling can be done by the Designated Officer only.

You can solve your problem by writing your query on online/live support or by calling.
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